Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Bunch of Quick Topics

Regarding food, I have now had buuz for the 7th straight day at my house. Buuz are steamed meat, onion dumplings. On the topic of food, many current PCV's have told us that they became vegetarians at their house when they got to site. This is because most places don't have a refrigerator and it is very unappealing (and time-consuming) to purchase meat every day that you want to eat it. Meat markets here are a very interesting experience....tables in a large room covered with various types and cuts of meat (including heads, whole bodies, etc), where you can request a specific cut. I have no desire to go shopping at one of them. Also, we have been trying to figure out how people here do not get scurvy....not a single fruit has been consumed in my house by someone other than me.
This week has been "site interview" week. Each person has multiple interviews regarding site placement, including likes/dislikes/project requests, etc. We each met with the technical trainer and with the country director. Since it is much harder to place a business and health person together, I have been told that they already know where Ashley and I are going. The business members found out the list of potential places and they are spread across the country, from East to West and South to the Gobi desert. Site placement is the general defacto conversation topic at during all class breaks. We find out on Aug. 15th. After we get our site placement, we spend 4 days in UB shopping, training, and meeting our counterparts (people we will work with). Each trainee gets a housing allowance to get required items for their place. Ashley and I will each get we should be able to really outfit our new home.
Language: Nothing too exciting this week....working on superlatives, adjectives, and more complex grammar structures.

Funny Language Story: We were working on directions in class and had to guide a classmate through a room. I started telling Jon to "go straight" or at least that was what I thought. The teacher started laughing hysterically and told me to stop, then wrote the word on the board and told us to look it up. It turns out that I was telling him to "please pee".....which is only 1 close sound different from "go straight".

Have a good week and look for a new post this weekend.

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  1. haha that is hilarious. at least you learned proper directions before you are in a jeep in the middle of nowhere telling someone to please pee! we think of you guys often! we are getting ready for our trip to scandinavia and are planning on sending that postcard, so be on the lookout, haha!