Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Language Continues to Dominate Our Lives

Quick update: I am almost recovered from a sinus infection. I was actually sent to UB to the medical office for review...nothing major, just some medication for it. I did get a real meal out of the trip, a cheeseburger from a joint called "American Burger and Fries". It was a good burger...especially at that time. This past weekend was "GI Issue Weekend"...almost everyone had some sort of GI issue....Ashley and I included (only minor though). Also, school is out for the summer, so the internet cafe at the post office is PACKED....we waited for 30 minutes tonight to get online. There are 6 computers and 14,000 people in this town....not great odds. With our busy schedules, it is not likely that we will be able to wait each time....so the blog updates may be more irregular. The calzone went well...except that it was fried instead of baked (the oven didn't work). No one in this town has ever had mozzarella cheese, so I am going to buy some in UB ($6 for 2lbs). The weather was very hot the past week (upper 90's), but broke yesterday and it has been in the 60's/70's. Language is incredibly difficult for me, but Ashley seems to be doing well. I seriously think it is harder than any calculus that I took in college (including differential equations). We study for a few hours each night and I am totally spent by 10pm. We now know past, present, future tenses and probably 50 verbs...which we can conjugate. Our vocab is growing and a fine example is below: The first week here we went to a Korean restaurant and one of the trainers had to order for us (we couldn't read the menu). We went back on Saturday with a friend and were able to do everything ourselves...including reading the menu (we ate a meat-free meal). The food is ok....but I would pay a lot of money for a good pizza or chicken sandwich right now. I've also been having problems with my water filter (algae), so I have been buying water, which is eating into my tiny paycheck. I don't have my camera with me, so I will try to post more pictures and stories this weekend, hopefully of my host family. Also, next week begins the annual Nadaam festival, which should produce some cool stories/pictures. Take care and thanks for the support and messages.

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  1. Glad everything is going well! What a neat experience for you guys. We miss you!
    The Spinnewebers